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A quiet day

sunny 36 °C

So today I met the neighbours and learned to feed the horses, my father will be away tomorrow overnight and I will be looking after them. I will add some pictures later but have had a lazy day other than that and not taken any photos. While I'm in the bar I will download the manual for my camera (eos500d) and practice a bit tomorrow. The man is coming to fit new windows and if he leaves the house unsecured I won't be able to walk up to the village, so it may be a couple of days before I upload anything else. Yes, life is that exciting! but getting used to the heat is enough of a task, I'm glad I will get this practice before Thailand. It's very dry and apparently too cold to swim!- at 97 degrees- they really haven't been to England for a while. The sun doesn't come up til about 7AM, which is strange, maybe because of the mountains, but it's too hot at night to have any covers on.
I also need to learn some Spanish- forgot to bring the phrase book with me again.

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Back on the internet!

Arrival and the first 2 days in spain

34 °C

It's certainly quiet up here, the roads are well-hidden and the lights few and far between. The mountains and valleys mean the views are spectacular rather than long.
View from the track (E)

View from the track (E)

View from the track (W)

View from the track (W)

One of my most annoying habits (to me anyway) is always being in good time for everything, even when I try not to. So although I wanted to be relaxed about getting the flight here and looked up train times to fit, I still managed to arrive at Gatwick an hour before check-in opened. Then the flight was delayed. but not by enough to be annoying.
170 pages of a cheap novel later the plane touched down in Malaga.
An hours drive up into the mountains and I realised I haven't seen so many stars for many years.
I promised to take some pictures of the horses, so here (cheating a bit) are the horses next door. I will take some of my dad's horses later.
Next door's horses

Next door's horses

Friendly neighbour

Friendly neighbour

Now, after walking the wrong way into the village, I am in Chiringuito's using the free wifi and drinking lots of coffee.


And the temperature today, 93 degrees! :-)

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A brief history

A sort of diary of my redundancy travels

overcast -14 °C

IMG_0053.jpgThis is the night before I set off on my 'trial run' journey.
I am on my way to Spain to see my father. A month in the sun will be nice. After that I'm booked to go to Thailand for a month to add a CELTA certificate to my CV. If I like it, I'll stay and work, if not, I'll travel around for a bit and this blog might end up being a little shorter than I hoped. So wish me luck, and let's see where it leads.
Leaving my teaching job due to redundancy after sixteen years was not easy. Leaving my flat, Streatham and London and making myself homeless, harder still. But the most difficult part is leaving my brilliant flatmate/ step-daughter/ best friend after five excellent years of sharing in London.
On the up-side, I'm looking forward to having my daughter with me in Spain for a while.
The reason for doing this blog is to try and make the most of my memories, so I hope it will be mainly photo based and I hope it will help me to get to know my new camera a bit better too.
So, my last night in London for a while and a very experimental shot on manual. Promise they'll get better.

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